Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

"Looking for an apartment is a DRAG. Enlisting an agent makes the process somewhat more tolerable--perhaps. I randomly found In Realty by driving around Dorchester, and checked out the website. After calling to inquire about rentals, the phone was answered by Justin Green (the Just In, get it), who asked me what I was looking for, asked me if I could come by that afternoon, and showed me a great place.

When I'm dealing with agents, I expect to be blown off, calls not returned, charged a fee, all those things that make me NOT deal with agents; this time, though, I thought I'd cover my bases. He defied all my non-existent expectations and demonstrated a standard of respect and sincerity that I have not found anywhere else when dealing with people trying to find an apartment for me.

And while I'm still in the market for an apartment, I have not found someone who is so professional, kind (he explained the process, what the landlords wanted, etc), called me BACK promptly, and even offered to refer me to someone for additional services.

Just In Boston made me rethink dealing with agents. Now, if they could ALL be like this!

P.S. You can also pay your deposit with a debit or credit card. I thought that was a nice touch."

"In Realty is simply the best real estate company in Boston.  I've dealt with Justin several times on more than one deal and each time his professionalism in the business has put him far above any other real estate company serving the area.  Justin really listens to what you have to say and then acts on it.  I truly believe that his primary goal is to find you the house that you can call a home."

"I was an owner of one apartment but Justin & his team treated me as if I had 30 units. He always took the time to answer any questions I had & consistently has found me wonderful tenants for my little unit. I have sent several friends to InRealty when they were house hunting & have had nothing but good feedback about their experience."

"Chris and his team at InRealty did a fantastic job! From guiding me on preparing my home to go to market, to showing the property to prospective buyers, and helping me understand the closing process, I knew I had picked the right team for this process."

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